Sunday, March 18, 2007

I didn't shovel your car out, I'm sorry!

I had every intention of shoveling your car out, honest I did! Karen was here Friday afternoon and helped me keep the sidewalks and driveway clean-we shoveled twice on Friday night but then Saturday came and it was all wet and heavy, and the plows came around the wrong way and buried her car in with 18" of wet heavy snow. And I couldn't get the snowblower out of the basement so we had to use shovels and IT WAS HARD! So, after we were done with the driveway and the sidewalks and my car and her car, we decided to take a little break and then were getting sore and then had our showers and then we went to Hampton Beach to Browns, and then that La Bec Rouge bar, and forgot all about digging out your ride until we drove by this afternoon with our hangovers.
Then, I thought, well, he's coming back with a tan after 4 days of sun and gambling in Las Vegas. Hm.

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