Saturday, March 10, 2007

Out with the Old...

Out with the Old: gosh it feels good when you throw out everything you own that you've had for seven years and you've kept for the simple reason that you knew eventually something would match or that it would miraculously fit or you just didn't have the heart to get rid of it. It's so totally cheap and superficial but what a psychological freeing-of-the-being when you get rid of all that stuff you can't stand coming across any more and then do some good by giving all those nice things to the Salvation Army or the Catholic Charities for someone else to make good use of.

In with the New: and I finally found "The One," the perfect leather jacket after 15 years of searching and yearning. (Who says I can't commit?!) Also some good springy thingies...who knew one could find good sweaters in Hawaii? And that Macy's house brand would have cool stuff for spring at 40% off already?

I wonder what Stacy and Clinton would say??

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Nanax2 said...

You're just hinting for me to follow suit, aren't you? Well, I tried, but the pile of castaways grew by a measly 10 items.