Monday, January 05, 2009

I "borrowed" another idea

A few months ago I stole a blog idea from my friend Chris. It had something to do with MacGyver, I think.

Today I read a post from my bloggie-buddy Har, which I think is totally meme-able. So here I go. I'm tagging Chris and The Gav Menagerie, 'cause I think they'll actually do this at some point. Even though I owe Chris a meme about the Summer of '89 and some scanned photos from the 80's. Which I'll do, once I learn how to use the scanner.

Also, I saw The Bucket List with Randy on New Year's Day, which was watchable, and makes me glad I'm not actually waiting to cross stuff off my list.

Borrowed and Completely Meme-able Topic: Here are a few things that I want to do with my life before I kick it.
There are 10.

1. Save enough money for retirement, but not at the expense of living life now. I can't bet that I'll live long enough or be healthy enough to see and do everything I want to. I'm probably going to wind up a greeter at Wal-Mart for the big supplementary salary I'll receive and also to see other live people. I don't have kids to worry about, so hopefully, I can hedge my bets.
2. Have a vacation home, even though I've never owned property. I will probably never own a "first home" in my real life but my hobby-life would actually entail someplace I own, located someplace I love. (Doesn't "I'm wintering in Spain this year" sound pretty good? And I could rent it out!)
3. Keep travelling to foreign countries I haven't been to yet, and explore the ones I love further. I really want to go to Poland, where my maternal grandmother's family is from, for one. I want to take the Hurtigruten along the coast of Norway and see the fjords and follow it up with the Norway-in-a-Nutshell train journey that I've wanted to take since 1995. I might need another jungle trip. I think I'd like to go to Rio before my ass gets too big too (honestly that doesn't really matter though). I know London's in my future often, since one of my best friends lives there. Get back to Paris when it's warmer than 40 degrees. And I am completely in love with Spain. I could probably cheat on it with Portugal, now that I think about it.
4. Get back on skis and feel like I'm kicking ass flying down a long, winding trail on a perfect 28-degree bright sunny day. On packed powder, of course. With all the young kids flying by me as I'm giggling.
5. Volunteer at an animal shelter and/or help out older disabled folks once in a while.
6. Learn Spanish, and improve my really bad, mostly-forgotten French. OK, learn French too.
7. Take my nieces on a European vacation when they're old enough to be interested.
8. Live by the beach and work in a tourist area. (Um, that will probably at walmart, but I'd prefer a jewelry store in a tourist shopping center.)
9. Take a nice trip with my mom. She wants to go to Greece. I could do a week!
10. Spend more of my travel dollars in the USA, on great girly weekends with my best girlfriends, who don't live here anymore. We need the time with each other and away from our real lives!

OK, that's it. You tagged people have to go now, and anyone else who would like to join in. Calamity? Alan? You are semi-tagged, though I know you aren't big on the whole meme thing. Facebook friends? Feel free to join in!


Calamity Jen said...

This particular meme scares me, since I am running short on interests. I'll give it a go, though.

HAR said...

You remind me so much of my bestest friend's Chuck and Julie. They share the same philosophy. They enjoy their lives now. Travel everywhere , own no property, have no kids, have no regrets. They just got back from the Rose Bowl. They always wanted to see Penn State make it, so they took off last minute when they were able to get tickets.

Mom said...

Check with Al when Poland comes up.
Meantime, I'll keep checking those Greek tours (though I'd trust you as my tour guide).


Your Gypsy Mom

Kimberly said...

This is a great list! I have to give this some thought.

Jenny Harvey said...

Hope you don't mind a brit sticking her not inconsiderable nose in!
All admirable aims. Just a couple of pointers
3. Look out for Slartibartfarst's handywork on those fjords
5. If you could find some homeless elderly disabled animals, then check!
6 In the UK we tend to not bother learning european languages, but just shout loudly in english

alan said...

Actually, I think like this a lot, starting when I figured out I was too old to race motorcycles...

I will do this early next week!

And I love your list...planning ahead for your retirement is so much better than sailing into it blind!

mmmmmm Scandanavia!


Calamity Jen said...

All right, I'm really late with this, but I'm finally going to try this meme.