Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Congratulations, Jim Rice!

I've always looked for an excuse to post this picture. Now I can say I've been photographed with a Hall-of-Fame Red Sox player!

Congratulations to Jim Rice, who on his 15th try finally (and most deservedly) made it to the Baseball Hall of Fame!
I was lucky enough to meet Jim Rice - one of my childhood heroes- at the amazing Legends Suite at Fenway Park with Randy a couple years ago. I even got on the jumbo-tron with him in the fourth inning or so. I almost didn't go 'cause I didn't want to ask my boss for a second early day in a row to go to see a ballgame.


Mom said...

I remember being at Fenway with you, your brother, your father and your grandmother when he and the greats of that era played.

alan said...

If you only knew how much I love your smile!


ryssee said...

Aw gee thanks! :-)

HAR said...

I always wanted to meet one of my childhood heros. Cool!