Friday, September 05, 2008

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, next week.

Yesterday: took Mom to see Jimmy Buffet. Just us gals. I got to drive her really cool PT Cruiser convertible both ways in perfect summer weather. Plus, most importantly, I got to spend a lot of time together with just her, which we rarely get to do these days, and we had a great time. Between both my nieces being diagnosed with Crohn's at 8 and 9 yrs old, and one of her best friends having health problems, and all her stuff falling apart at her house, it's been a tough year for her. So, it was GREAT to see her cut loose, enjoy a gorgeous summer evening out, watching one of her favorite singers ever. She's got one of the best smiles going and it was great to see it for an entire evening.

Today: Mom encouraged me to start boxing up the kitchen in preparation for Monday's big kitchen demolition. Six bags of trash filled, six drawers and 2 cabinets emptied, 83 CD's put away, 8 boxes packed, and 3 closets cleaned later, we went to lunch. Mom went home to the other end of Massachusetts. I went out on the deck and Randy grilled up The Last Supper. (actually...we might get to grill again on Sunday, if Hanna stops raining on us by then. After that, it's takeout, dining out, and peanut butter sandwiches or cereal for dinner for at least 4 weeks. but tonight is The Last Supper because nothing is in our way and we got to use all our stuff before the last of it's put away.)

Tomorrow: Demo dumpster arrives at 8am. Hanna comes to rain on us all day. We finish packing up all the crap we never use in the kitchen anyway. Coffee maker moves upstairs. More trash goes out. The Mystery Box I packed for Randy gets sorted. Cats start to freak out.

Next week: Dust, more dust, plastic everywhere. Appliances move to the music room next to our living room. Cats disappear to the upstairs, to eat upstairs, poop upstairs, hide upstairs, sleep upstairs. Plates will be paper, cups and utensils will be plastic, and I will become truly carbon neutral because all the recycling efforts I've made this year will be 100% neutralized by the amount of non-biodegradable trash going out the door. Noice, plastic, paper. Have I ever mentioned that I hate paper plates and really dislike drinking out of plastic cups? Thank god the booze is near the sofa now. I'm keeping one glass that is actual glass next to that, even if I do have to wash it out in the upstairs bathroom.


Anonymous said...

Mom said....

Dear Daughter,

I went down feeling Buffet's (chronolgical) age and came back feeling yours. Thank you so much for a fun time.

Love you....

alan said...

Your Mom sounds like such a treat!

The kitchen should be well on it's way by this point; when it's done you will be glad for it, so the inconvenience is worth the few days things are out of place (relatively speaking)!

I bought a digital George Foreman grill a few weeks ago, one that the plates come out to go in the dishwasher. As we caught a lot of the rain from Gustav, and have had a lot of wet days this last month anyway, it's been a treat to be able to "grill" indoors without getting soaked. Also, the results are very repeatable!

Hope the kitchen is "home" again soon!


Kimberly said...

Exciting project! Post some pictures.

You are such a great daughter. I'm so glad you had fun and got some one-on-one time together. So important.

Kimberly said...

PS - I left you some love over on my blog. Come see!