Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a kitchen demo looks like

Kitchen before...very old!

Bathroom before

No comments about the toilet seat, please

This was the bathroom

This was the dining area

This is where all our stuff is now.

Lovely music room turned into a mini-kitchen

Mimi-kitty keeps trying to get through the door by pawing at the plastic

The goal for the kitchen: make it the same as much as possible but make it new! The bathroom will have a stand-up shower and a little more room.
Dining: a mix of take-out, grocery store prepared, grilling, and dining out. Coffee station aka-A.M. lifeline is in the office right next to the bedroom upstairs. Coffee mate instead of cream 'cause we keep forgetting to go downstairs to put it away.
Should all be done by Oct 8! Can't wait!


alan said...

That's the 1952 vintage tub and sink I pulled out of here in '88.

It's nice to see that insulation in the walls- this one was built with foil backed sheetrock and that's all in the walls. I did the bathroom wall, but haven't done the rest. Had I known I'd still be here a lot of things would have been done differently...

Besides getting a new kitchen and a real shower out of the deal, you get to try any restaurant you ever wanted to!

My cat would have already been through the door...

Hope all comes in ahead of schedule and under budget! (My wife sure wishes the things I do would!)


Anonymous said...

Mom said:

I'm amazed those two scamps haven't gotten through yet. Did you give the crew the same precise directions/warnings about door shutting, etc., that you gave me? October 8 is pretty fast considering the amount of work involved.

Happy eating and may the lovely weather hold out.

Love, Mom

Kimberly said...

So exciting!

You won't hear anything from me about the toilet seat cover (being I'm the girl with the baby-blue tile in her bathroom more than SEVEN years after moving in!)

Chris Curtin said...

Any update? Did your contractor take off? j/k

HAR said...

Can't wait to see these results. Have fun in London.