Friday, June 08, 2007

Red Sox-Yankees last weekend

So, Saturday, it was gorgeous. Red Sox in town, taking on the evil empire. So, we decided, we're not doing anything, let's go down to Fenway and watch the 4pm game from the bars! So we got a cab and went to Fenway.
Always a good time. Started out at Copperfield's, worked our way to Game On, went over to Bar that Shall Remain Nameless. Bar that Shall Remain Nameless has access from both the street and from Fenway Park/Yawkey Way. It filled up during the rain delay. When we got Really Hungry. So, we dodge the last of the raindrops and get pizza on Yawkey Way, right where the gates are set up so you can't go in. So, I'm eating my first slice of pizza, we see a couple people leave. I'm like, "How can they leave in the sixth vs the Yankees?"....and then we look at each other, like, hm......Bar.....entry to Fenway?.....
Well, these two guys were leaving the game as we had this revelation. 6th inning. I'm munching on my second slice of pizza, Randy walks up to the guys and says, "Hey bro, can we have your tickets? We wanna try to get into the game." Well, they're not season ticket holders, and therefore their tix aren't regarded as souvenirs, (not like our beloved 2004 World Series Game Two Curt Schilling Bloody Sock tickets).
So, he gets the tix. I'm like, "There's gotta be SOME way they can tell you came in from the ballpark." We decide to try at Bar that Shall Remain Nameless. So around the corner we go, through the bar. Doorman has a scanner. Ohhhhh, THAT'S how they check. So, of course, our newly acquired tickets are not in their scanner.
Doorman: "Are these your tickets?"
Randy: "No, man, we got 'em from a couple guys who were leaving the game. Thought we'd try to use 'em.
Doorman: "Did you pay for these tickets?"
Randy: "Nope," and turns to go back into the bar.
Doorman:.........................."S'awright man, go on in."
Exchange of looks between me and my sweet one.
We walk in. Get beers. Giggle and smile. "FREE!"
(Makes up for one of those 2x-face-value tix games we went to)
Bottom 6th. Tied up. 5-5. (People LEFT?! I still don't get that!)
Top 7th: Yanks score on Melky Cabrera's home run. 6-5 Yankees.
Then the incredible 5 run 7th for the Sox.
One more run in the 8th. Gravy!
Okajima WIN.
Randy and Ris retire to the deck in Somerville for hot burgers.


Rice said...

Don't you love it when sh** like this happens to you? :)

Kimberly said...

Score (both you and the Sox!) :-)

Rice said...

I am going into the witness protection agency. JOKE. I will email you my new site...once I establish it.
In case you are wondering why my site is on private. I am trying to shake a neighbor who is annoying me.