Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Chicago tomorrow!

Yay, 4-day mini vacation to Chicago starts tomorrow! Yay, I love Chicago! Weather should be 85 and sunny each day. Randy got us great tix to Friday's game for Cubs vs Padres. Great seats by the visitor's dugout about 11 rows back. Should see Big Fat F'n David Wells pitch (ha for those of you that know me, ya know that even though he came to the Red Sox I still gotta call him that from his Yankees days) for the Padres and Ted Lilly for the Cubbies if all works out well.
So glad to get outta work for two days too, it's been busy and brutal.

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HAR said...

What is wrong with being f'n fat?
kidding, of course!

I'm back at a new address. I am trying to shake the scary anonymous lurker.