Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I had cake for lunch today

It's been an awesome birthweek, and today's the big day. I am 35. Again, but I'm not sayin' how many times I've actually been 35.

First, Randy scored the tickets to the Red Sox game on Friday (post below). Gorgeous night and a fun game.

Saturday I saw my friend Carolyn, who I've known since the old UMass Amherst days. We had some lunch, then went to the Boston Marathon health and fitness expo, then hung out at the house for a few hours, talking and looking at old pics.

The Boston Marathon was Monday, so I worked Sunday so I could go watch it with my work crew. It's one of my company's biggest events - the greatest race in the world, right in our back yard - and we make running shoes and apparel. We had a barbeque, games, and a cheering section at mile 19.5 in Newton. Man those people are hardcore; all 26,385 of them.

Last night, I went to see Bruce Springsteen with my mom (we bought each other tickets for our birthday presents) and my friend Karen. They'd driven out in the pouring rain from western MA and Albany, NY for three hours. We had a nice dinner here at the house, took a cab to the Garden, and had an awesome time for three full hours with Bruce at the mike.

This morning was gorgeous, so we took my mom's drop-top out for a convertible tour of Boston, Cambridge, and Charlestown. Man do I want to have one of those. My heart just felt lighter driving around roofless, and her PT Cruiser is so fun to drive.

It's pouring out now, so I don't know if I'm gonna get to cap it off today with a Sox game on TV, but they won the first game 10-1 and the last I heard the Yankees blew their lead, yippee!

Some pics:

Near the finish line of the Boston Marathon

Carolyn at the finish line. (Of course, all we'd finished was our subway ride into the city.)

The Saucony crew in Newton

We sponsored this for local runners training for the marathon.
Our tagline: We know...because we run. LOL!

Lots of ROTC guys marching the course with 50-lb backbacks. 26.2 miles in full gear. Here's two of them.

The guy in the Union Jack singlet is Richard Whitehead. He has no legs below his knees and finished the marathon in an amazing 3 hours and 2 minutes. That's 15 minutes faster than a woman I work with, and less than 45 minutes later than the elite runners. Amazing.

"The pack" - probably finishing with times between 4-4.5 hours. Also amazing, many are charity runners doing it for the first time to raise money for great causes.

Today in Boston, cruisin' in Mom's convertible.

At the Massachusetts State House, apparently hookers have to enter at the right of the building. ;-) Seriously though, there IS a statue of one General Hooker there.


Gimme a sign said...

Happy belated "35th" birthday!

Jenny Harvey said...

Sounds like a fab birthday week.
The Bosox are now my adopted baseball team

Kimberly said...

I don't know how I missed your birthday, but I did. Glad it was so great. Your marathon picts are awesome.

By the way, thank you SO much for ALL your amazing support & words these last few weeks. It really means a lot. :-)