Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A foot of snow and some warm-weather pics

March came in like a lion! We got a foot of snow yesterday (that jerk Punxatawney Phil was RIGHT!)...which means a perfect time to reflect on the trip to Puerto Rico we took a couple weeks ago!

Click here for the full photo album, if you want to see it. Hope you do! We have lots of great pics. Otherwise, here are a few for a taste of the Caribbean in winter:

Rincon, Puerto Rico. Apparently a world famous surfing beach, though you can't tell how big the waves are. There were 20 or so surfers out there.

View to cemetary at El Morro fort, built by the Spanish. PR was "discovered" by Columbus in 1493.

View to the port from the old city walls

Camuy Cave Park in PR

Our private beach at the Caribe Hilton

El Yunque...the only rainforest in the US Nat'l Park system. Great hike in the pouring rain. Hey, when it's raining, why not hike in the rainforest?!

We had amazing dinners every night. This is DragonFly, Latin-Asian fusion, whatever that means, but it was AWESOME, delicious, not as expensive as Boston, and we met a couple from Chicago, who'd never been to a beach but booked a cruise for their honeymoon. Wow. Never been to a beach! At 45 years old or so. Wild.

Randy at Condado

Street in Old San Juan

Street in Old San Juan

Cathedral in Old San Juan


alan said...

Beautiful picture! I remember Anais Nin writing about how they built tall buildings with narrow streets in old Morocco to keep the pavement from getting too hot to walk barefoot and cut down on how hot the buildings got as well!

As much as I love all the photos I like the 7th the best, though. Talk about a happy couple!


Mom said...

How did you make yourself(s)come back?

Kimberly said...

Beautiful pictures. I think I would have turned around and gotten right back on the plane. Monday's weather sucked, but hopefully you're getting the same taste of spring we're expecting this weekend.