Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My 25 Things (copied straight from Facebook)

I've been such a lazy bloggie-person lately. We just got back from a great vacation in Puerto Rico (remember my Yucky-Slop post?) I will get some pics of that up soon.

25 Things about Me is a meme going around on Facebook. Yep, it's too much information about everyone who's filled it out, but what the heck, it's harmless and fun. I found out harmless things about the people in my "real" life (if you can call Facebook real) that I never knew.

Well, Calamity Jen put hers on her blog. I thought it was funny that she "saw a baked potato on the corner of Yonge and York Mills" and that made her laugh. I knew about the pets and the driving lessons but not that.

I commented, and she came to my blog thinking I'd do the same as she. I didn't, so I am now. Once I get over my FB addiction, I will be back posting inane things about my cats and my garden, and putting up great pics of trips!

So, does this count as a legitimate blog post? (oh, wait, it's not November! It doesn't have to count!)

25 Things about Me

1. I have had only two employers since I graduated from UMass

2. I have lived in 8 different towns since I graduated from UMass, but I've been in the most recent one for five years (with my beau).

3. I worked in a pub in London for three months in 1988; made one of my best friends there.

4. I lost count of how many times I've been back to visit. I think it's ten but I can't find one of my passports to count the stamps. Can't remember how many times Dave's been here either.

5. I quit my first job and went to Europe for three months in 1995.

6. I've been to 46 US states and 19 countries (and now Puerto Rico!)

7. I used to be a DJ on the radio.

8. I love the Red Sox and live music.

9. I have seen the Allman Brothers eight times. (Randy just got my early birthday present-we're going to NYC to see them at the Beacon Theater! Classic! LOVE IT!)

10. I hate eating off of plastic plates and using plastic forks. Ditto plastic cups. Gimme real dishes. I'll clean 'em. Or Randy will. :-)

11. I am blessed with a nice family, and really great friends.

12. I don't have kids, and don't want to.

13. I'm not really blond.

14. My favorite color is red.

15. I have 2118 songs in my Itunes library, and 14,176 photos in my photo library, in 156 folders. Granted, about 1000 pictures are my mom's.

16. I haven't used the headphones to my Ipod in three years.

17. I like the Bee Gees.

18. It is very hard for me to remember bad things that have happened.

19. I am great at using Excel, but I can't do math in my head.

20. I'm one of the most loyal people you will ever meet.

21. I was on the Jumbotron at Fenway Park with Jim Rice, and I once met Carl Yastrzemski and made an idiot out of myself.

22. I support the right to choose, gay marriage, and national health care.

23. I spoil the kitties rotten.

24. My favorite reality shows are What Not To Wear, American Idol, The Bachelor, and The Biggest Loser. Hope springs eternal!

25. I am a sucker for memes, but I'm glad to be done with this list.


Calamity Jen said...

What States haven't you been to, and do you want to visit them? What countries do you wish to visit that you have yet to see? I am impressed by your travels.

ryssee said...

Haven't been to Alaska, Washington, Montana, or North Dakota!
As for countries, I really want "big trips" to Poland, Italy, Germany and Croatia (maybe with Italy?) Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina. Egypt now that my mom has been. Really want to go back to Norway and see the fjords and the mountains. Would like to go to Iceland.
But really, I'd go anywhere if I read about them and thought they'd be interesting.

Jenny Harvey said...

22. Yay for you !!

21 nope, not the foggiest

24. Soon to come , What Americas Biggest Batchelor Wears

25, I love sucking memes too

ryssee said...

Jenni they are baseball players. I think 37 people in England know who they are, and 35 of them are ex-pats. :)

HAR said...

I knew you were loyal. Your life sounds so awesome.