Saturday, October 06, 2007

I love Chicago

Just got home from there for work - the Chicago Marathon is tomorrow. 45000 of them signed up (same size as my hometown and 4000 more than Fenway Park holds, and I'm pretty much sure I met most of them today and yesterday). But anyway it's not just that, but every time I go there I get all caught up in the excitement of the city. So much going on. I love the architecture, I love how nice the people are, I love the history, I love how much stuff is going on for free and for pay, I love the lake and the use of the waterfront, I love that it's such a cool sports and music and restaurant and bar city, (even the cabbies are cool!) and I love the renaissance it's going through and how much it's changed for the better in the last 4 years. 'Nuff love?
I think it's my favorite city in the U.S. now. Gotta check it out in the winter sometime to see how much worse it is than Boston. Than I can decide my favorite city. But anyway, I just wanna say how much I love that fine old place.


Chris Curtin said...

Okay, so you've shamed me into blogging again (

Also, I spent a couple of winters in Chicago on various projects in the late 90's and it is very different than Boston. Lots of snow, but the wind is what gets you.

Make sure you go back to St. Patrick's day. While Boston is wild (Hoboken is my favorite parade) Chicago does it very differently.


alan said...

You've been even busier than I of late...thank you for dropping by here and letting us know what was up!

Very happy for your Sox...I've begun to wonder if I'll see another title come home in my baseball or football!

Same size as your home!


Kimberly said...

I like Chicago too!