Thursday, September 27, 2007

Many Mini-posts all at once (OK catching up)

All is well here...just got out of the groove and then the topics started piling up which of course becomes intimidating but then I'm like what the heck, it's MY blog, I can skip stuff if I want to.

But I won't. SO:

Willie Nelson/Ray Price/Merle Haggard concert the day after I got back from Nashville, with one of my oldest and best friends, Carolyn, and her husband Andy. Carolyn is being shipped to Iraq soon. She's a nurse anesthetist. Hopefully away from danger for her but I'll worry. Anyway I gotta push that thought down. The concert was great and Ray Price (81 yrs old) freakin STOLE the show. Wow. And I made fun of my mom for listening to him when I was a kid. That man can mesmerize an audience. And I was really happy to see Willie Nelson (no spring chicken himself) - I've wanted to for years and I was afraid it would go the way of Jerry Garcia before I got the chance. We had a great time. Next up: Loretta Lynn. Hope she comes around this way sometime soon.

Randy's parents in town from SC the last two weekends. Very fun, went to Rockport, MA to play tourist and poked around Faneuil Hall in Boston. Watched a couple games on the tube. They were great to hang out with, it's always nice when they visit! Randy had a great time going to NH with them to visit relatives and they all got their gambling fix at Foxwoods...after which Randy, after breaking even, got on line and promptly commenced a nasty winning streak playing poker on line. So great to see his dad after that scary health incident earlier this year. And his sweet mom left us some pin money for dinner sometime...

....which I used to plant some bright perennials in the dark corner of the garden. They're still alive. Does mountain laurel grow in the city, if it's native to the region? And are plants like goldfish, where they only grow as big as their habitat allows them to?

Gorgeous weather all September long. Seriously. 80's and 90's heading into October. Wow.

Red Sox magic number to clinch the division is 2!!!

Kitties are happy and healthy. Emmie (the stripey one) has eaten two consecutive issues of Sports Illustrated. (Thank god she didn't eat the Jonathan Paplebon cover though.) Mimi (the blackie one) has taken to mimicking Emmie by dragging a ball & feather toy all around the house and depositing it as a gift each time she moves it. Very cute.

Got my friend Howard coming to visit from California this weekend. I met him nearly 20 yrs ago when he was a customer at a pub I worked at in England that summer. He owes us a dinner due to a dumb baseball bet he made against the Sox, and we're taking him to Fenway for Saturday's game-his first time there. We get to make a dream come true!

And then next weekend I'm off to Chicago to work at the Chicago Marathon expo.

My boss & two co-workers are off in Asia this week and next. And with the big boss out of the office too (oh, who we saw while out to dinner with Randy's folks, he sent us a round of drinks!), the living creatures I get to see are few and far between. The place is a ghost town!

That's it from here for now!

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